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Tree Pruning & Tree Removals

If you want to keep your hedges looking great, then regular trimming is the best way. Not only does it help spacing out branches and plants around trees but also provides an overall healthy growth pattern in return!

Our hedge trimmings services are offered on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to keep your hedges looking their best. 

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Weekly cuts throughout the growing months will keep your lawn healthy and weed-free, and ensure your property is a beautiful and enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family this summer. Hedgemasters offers Weekly and Bi-Weekly Cut & Trim Packages, from May to October, so your lawn is always looking its best, and you can have your weekends back.
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Landscaping Service | HedgeMasters

Spring Clean Ups

Hedgemasters offers Spring Clean-Up packages from April 15 till June 1, that provide everything you need to enjoy spending time in your beautiful yard this summer. A spring clean-up is the head-start your property needs to be healthy and beautiful for the warm months. A little maintenance, such as power raking, aeration, and fertilizer treatment, will get your lawn will get back to the pristine condition it was in before the snow arrived.

Fall Lawn Services

Hedgemasters provides a wide range of services for fall lawn care in Kelowna. We keep pricing affordable so that you can keep your lawn and surrounding beds, trees, and shrubs, in great shape without having to get too busy during the weekends. A lawn that is neglected in the fall will not be magically ready for growth in the spring. To ensure a healthy lawn come April or May, the clean-up work we do in September or October becomes very important. If you run a commercial property, we can help you there too with a customized lawn care package.
Fall Clean Up | HedgeMasters
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